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Why is the shower room not capped?

To achieve the purpose of separating dry and wet in the small apartment bathroom, many people choose to make a shower room, but have you found that the shower rooms on the market currently have flat-open, diamond-shaped, or fan-shaped shower rooms that are not capped. Everyone can't help thinking, a shower room with a ceiling can better lock the heat in a fixed space. Isn't it better to keep warm in this way? Then why is no one making a shower room with a ceiling?

1. The reason why the shower room is not capped
The shower room is a completely sealed space. The water vapor generated during the shower cannot be dissipated. It is easy to form a "high-concentration steam" shower space. Long-term exposure to such an environment will cause chest tightness and poor breathing. And other adverse reactions. Secondly, the design of the cap not only affects the appearance, but also increases the total price. Because of the fully enclosed design, exhaust equipment must be installed to maintain air ventilation and convection. But this will inevitably affect the overall visual effect of the shower room.
The important function of the shower room is to realize the partition of the bathroom, to achieve the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom to prevent water splashing during the bath, so as to ensure the cleanness and tidy of the bathroom. Under normal circumstances, the shower room can be partitioned between 1.8-2 meters in height, so there is no need to do the topping treatment. Now I know why the shower room is not capped!

2. When buying a shower room, you need to pay attention to 3 aspects

1. Shower room glass
The first consideration when purchasing a shower room is safety. The safety of the shower room is mainly reflected in the glass. In the choice of shower room, in order to ensure the safety of use, you must buy fully tempered glass and look for the 3C certification on the glass. Sign. If you are still worried about whether the glass is really tempered glass, you can try these two methods to verify and teach you two methods: The 3C label cannot be scraped off with a knife. Use a hammer to smash the sample glass in the shop. If it is rotten into granules, it is real, otherwise it is fake. On the receipt or contract, ask the merchant to indicate the tempered glass and write it clearly in black and white.

2. Shower room profile
The profile of the shower room is generally made of aluminum alloy. The price of aluminum alloy profile is cheaper, while some shower room profiles will choose stainless steel or copper. The appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful, but the price is more expensive, so this can be based on your Choose your budget. Which profile you choose, you must pay attention to the thickness of the profile. Generally, the thickness of the profile is 2mm-4.5mm. The thicker the more expensive, but now the lighter style is popular, it is not necessary to choose the 4.5mm thickness profile.

3. Shower room accessories
A good shower room, in addition to considering the safety of glass, but also consider accessories, shower room accessories mainly include pulleys, rubber strips, hinges, handles and so on. The pulleys are mostly copper, carbon steel, zinc alloy, and stainless steel bearings, among which 304 stainless steel pulleys are used. Many people tend to ignore the adhesive strip when choosing a shower room. In fact, the adhesive strip is also very important. The main function of the adhesive strip is to protect the glass, prevent the glass from colliding with self-explosion and waterproof effect. If it is a bad strip, it will become yellow or even fall off after a long time. Therefore, when purchasing rubber strips, you should feel the toughness of the rubber strips on the spot, and observe the permeability of the surface of the rubber strips and look at the color. If the elasticity of the rubber strips is not so good, it will feel hard.

The hinge of the shower room should choose this kind of integrated hinge, don't choose the kind of broken hinge, the kind of broken hinge is not so tight. The function of the hinge is to bear the weight, and the normal use of the movable door is usually realized by the hinge, so the material of the hinge must be very hard. As we all know, the hardness of stainless steel>copper>aluminum alloy. Therefore, the hinge is made of 304 stainless steel, which will be more durable. The handle of the shower room should not be too obtrusive, especially if there are elderly or children in the house, it is easy to get injured by hitting the too sharp handle when taking a bath. So I still choose a sleek appearance, smooth and effortless when switching.

There are many small accessories in the shower room, so I won't talk about them here. When you go shopping, you have to do your homework, visit more shops, and let the shopping guide tell you, so that you will know more about the shower room. Jiangmen Huifu Energy-saving Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a shower room manufacturer that integrates product development, design, production and processing, sales and service of shower room deep processing. The "Clinton Shower Room" brand was born in 2008, creating a bathing space that customers can "bath" as they please.


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